About ALSF

The African Legal Support Facility (“ALSF” or “Facility”) is a public international institution hosted by the African Development Bank  (“AfDB”) Group. The Facility is dedicated to providing legal advice and technical assistance to African countries in the negotiation of complex commercial transactions, creditor litigation and other related sovereign transactions. The ALSF also develops and proposes innovative tools for capacity building and knowledge management. Membership to the ALSF is open to all sovereign nations and international organisations or institutions.


Our Mission

Achieving sustainable legal capacity for Africa.


Our Goal

The goal of the Facility is to remove asymmetric technical capacities and level the field of legal expertise among parties to litigation and negotiations. The Facility provides legal advice and capacity building to African countries on vulture fund litigation, complex commercial negotiations and related sovereign transactions. Through all of its activities the Facility aims to build additional legal capacity on the Continent.


Our Values

The ALSF is founded on the values of respect for the rule of law, equity, transparency and good governance. These values are grounded on its African ‘character’ as the ALSF is partner of all African countries and respects the diversity of the continent. ALSF’s team is committed to uphold ethics, accountability excellence, professionalism, probity and a team working spirit.



African Finance Ministers established the Facility following a call in June 2003, for the creation of a legal technical assistance facility to help Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs) address a growing problem of vulture funds. The Commission for Africa, in March 2005, reiterated the need of a facility to assist African countries in dealings with these aggressive creditors. Moreover the Group of Eight (G8) recognised the lawsuits instituted by Vulture Funds against Regional Member Countries (RMCs) as obstacles to debt relief arrangements agreed in 2005 at Gleneagles. Against this background, the Facility was created as an International organisation established by an Agreement which entered into force on 22 December, 2008.