Call for Candidates for the Legal Research Team (LRT) of AMLA

About the Africa Mining Legislation Atlas
The African Mining Legislation Atlas (AMLA) is a legislation gathering, organization, dissemination, capacity building and capacity utilisation Project with three main activities: (i) collect, process and transform all of Africa’s mining laws and regulations into an online database with interactive features to provide comparative data; (ii) build capacity through training (on-ground and remotely) of African legal professionals, including advanced law students, a) in the use of the online platform and b) on overall issues in mining law; and (iii) produce the guiding template, an annotated document that outlines a menu of legislative solutions to assist countries in the preparation or revision of their mining laws.
Africa Mining Legislation Atlas
The objective of the Project is to support African countries in maximizing mineral resource benefits through (i) promoting transparency, accessibility and comparison of Africa’s mining laws; (ii) facilitating the preparation, revision and implementation of mining laws; (iii) providing a living database that will catalyze research and policy debates on legal and regulatory issues; and (iv) promote the development of local legal expertise on African mining laws.
About the call for candidates
The purpose of this call for candidates is to initiate the competitive selection process whereby a new cohort of African law students will join the LRT. Students shortlisted by their own African law schools or faculties as a result of this call for candidates will undergo through two additional selection steps (see paragraph 6 below). Those who will succeed will be offered the possibility of joining the LRT upon confirmation of support from their respective law school or faculty. The AMLA Secretariat is committed to provide an equal opportunity to all qualified candidate regardless of their gender, race, and regional affiliation
Please find complete information regarding the call for candidates, below, in both French and English.
Call for Candidates for the Legal Research Team (LRT) of AMLA English
Appel à candidatures pour l’Équipe de recherche juridique (ERJ)
Atelier de l’AMLA : Appel à candidatures pour université hôte